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Questions About Christianity

  1. Is Christianity a Western religion?

  2. Does this mean all Christians consider Jerusalem to be the holy city of their faith?

  3. Is Christianity a philosophy or system of teachings?

  4. Did the West originally bring Christianity to India?

  5. Is Christianity a tool of British imperialism to dominate India?

  6. Didn't the missionaries pressure Christianity upon the Indian people?

  7. Then what about the Crusades, Inquisition, and other atrocities?

  8. Aren't all Christian missionaries committed to destroying the culture of the people to whom they go?

  9. Has Christianity made any positive contributions to Indian society?

  10. Christian religion follows practices different from those in Indian culture. Aren't Indian people forced to become Christians? Aren't they lured by money or other tempting things?

  11. But aren't Christian charities, schools, and other Christian-run organizations subtle tools to pressure the people of India to become Christian?

  12. If people are not coerced to become Christians, or offered money to convert, why would they change their beliefs after their families have followed another religion for hundreds or even thousands of years?

  13. Wouldn't Christian churches and other institutions in India cease to exist apart from western money?

  14. What is the secret of Christian conversion to make these things happen?

  15. What is the basis of Christian conversion?

  16. There are many religions and many scriptures. What is there about the Bible that makes it unique among the world's scriptures?

  17. Should we regard Jesus as a great prophet and teacher come to start a new religion and aid man's search for God?

  18. Isn't such a claim preposterous and narrow-minded?

  19. Perhaps Jesus never made any claim to divinity. Perhaps Jesus' divinity is only a myth created centuries later by his followers. Maybe Jesus himself is a myth. Isn't that a possibility?

  20. Isn't it possible that Jesus was a guru, an enlightened mystic? He was God and claimed to be God-but we are all God.

  21. Wasn't Jesus another avatar?

  22. What does Jesus Christ show us about God?

  23. Does a personal God really exist? How is this possible?

  24. But can a personal God also be infinite?

  25. Isn't it a contradiction to say that there is one God who exists in three Persons?

  26. Is the doctrine of the Trinity intellectually acceptable?

  27. Is God truly good as Jesus says He is?

  28. If God gave us free will to begin with, why does He punish us when we exercise this will to do whatever we like? If God gave us free will, isn't He responsible for the entrance of evil and sin into the world?

  29. Who is a sinner?

  30. What does Jesus Christ offer that is unique?

  31. What does Jesus say about forgiveness and peace?

  32. Where can I read about the life of Jesus in the Christian scriptures?

  33. Is not Christianity a narrow-minded religion? How can Christianity claim to be the only way to God?

  34. How could Jesus suffer in our place and pay for our debt, while we receive forgiveness and salvation as a free gift? Shouldn't we pay our own debts?

  35. Sinless? Isn't that a preposterous claim? No man is perfect.

  36. What is the significance of Jesus death on the cross?

  37. Doesn't Jesus' crucifixion violate the principle of nonviolence to all life?

  38. Why did Jesus Christ do such a thing?

  39. How does one become a Christian?

  40. Is church membership and baptism necessary to become a Christian?

  41. Does one have to become western in his ways in order to become a Christian?

  42. Besides the Bible, what other sources are there to understand Christianity?

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