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India Gospel Outreach is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India's 3,000 ethnic groups and 28,000+ zip codes.

Planting churches in all 3,000 castes and tribes and 28,000+ zip codes of India:

Nearly 1/6 of the world's people are Indians-more than 1.25 billion.  That 1.25 billion includes 902 million Hindus, 172 million Muslims and 31 million Sikhs and Buddhists.

"Over 1 billion people" seems only a number to us, but each person is fully known and precious to God.  In His great love for each of them, our Lord commands us to, "Go and make disciples of all nations."  The Greek words for "all nations" (panta ta ethne) does not mean modern nation-states, but "all peoples"--tribes, castes, and ethnic groups.  India alone has more than 3,000 of them, more than any other country in the world.

Fulfilling Christ's command in India depends upon Indian men and women who have been called of God to make disciples.  Indian men and women have better access to India's people and they can do it in a way that makes sense to Indians.  Every year, God is calling more and more dedicated Indian men and women to reach Indian people for Christ, to be trained in Indian schools by Indian teachers and mentors. 

Indian evangelists and church planters have certain advantages:

  • They experience no culture shock, language barriers, or adjustments to a simple lifestyle.
  • They speak in terms everybody understands. Response to Christ comes quickly.
  • They are more cost efficient. You can support 25 Indian evangelists at the cost of one western missionary and his family.
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To achieve our goal we start and sustain new Bible training centers throughout India to train and send Indian evangelists and church planters.

To make this possible, IGO: 

  • informs Christians around the world of the opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission in India,
  • gives testimony of what God is doing and has done in India,
  • promotes world vision, especially as it relates to India,
  • gives Indian Christian perspectives to help others grow in their own faith.

India Gospel Outreach encourages partnership in prayer and financial support to fulfill the Great Commission in India.  We are aware that this must be handled with wisdom.  To best help fulfill the Great Commission and promote a healthy evangelistic spirit within the Indian church, IGO adheres to the following approach regarding finances:

  • Sponsorship of full-time Christian evangelists until a local congregation can fully support them. 
  • Sponsorship of an Indian evangelist is then transferred to a newer evangelist beginning their work.

IGO believes in the principle enunciated by Hudson Taylor that "God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply."  IGO believes God has given us the mandate to fulfill the Great Commission, and we share opportunities in India today with you to join with our Indian brothers and sisters in proclaiming the gospel to their people.  This is a great mandate, and we seek to fulfill it in a manner that honors the Lord in all seasons.

Fulfillment of the Great Commission remains the great imperative of India Gospel Outreach.  God has not left us alone in this task.  He has given us the Holy Spirit.  He has given us willing partners.  As we depend upon God together, we may yet see fulfillment of the Great Commission in our lifetimes.

Increasingly, God is blessing India with skilled evangelists and church planters, committed to serving Christ with their whole lives.

He has blessed you and me with resources to open new doors in India and other nations.  Working together, we can help to introduce countless other Indian people to Jesus Christ throughout India and other countries.

Will you join with us today at India Gospel Outreach to assure gospel witness for all of India?  You can do that as you help Indian evangelists share the light of Christ and plant dynamic churches in every corner of India.

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