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More than one billion people live in India. India is the world's largest Hindu nation, the second largest Muslim nation, and the home of Buddhism and Sikhism.

  • India is still a land of buffalo carts even as it develops computers, nuclear power and a space program.
  • India makes more movies than Hollywood.
  • About 38% of India's people cannot read.
  • Over 600 million live in deep poverty and 300 million below the bread-line.
  • 10 million people in India have AIDS, and the numbers are still rising rapidly.
  • Officially, only 3% are Christian.

God is at work in India today.
Jesus Christ loves India.

Millions of people in India are open to Jesus Christ as never before.

India Gospel Outreach is dedicated to planting a dynamic church in each of India's 3,000 ethnic groups and 28,000+ zip codes

Today, only a handful of these 3,000 ethnic groups have a growing church.  IGO takes the Good News to those who do not.

To achieve these goals and fulfill Christ's Great Commission, India Gospel Outreach…

  • Trains and sends Indian evangelists and church planters to all peoples of India.
  • Starts new training centers throughout India to help local Christians reach their own people with the gospel.
  • Aids poor people of India with relief, education, and development in the name of Jesus.
  • Enlists intercessors to pray for revival and spiritual awakening in India

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