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2020 Prayer Vision for India

2020 Prayer Vision for India
I invite you to join the 2020 Prayer Vision for India.  

The purpose of the 2020 Prayer Vision for India is to accomplish in the next eight years all the spiritual conditions necessary to complete the Great Commission in India. We are praying that by the year 2020 all barriers to the gospel in India will be broken.

What needs to happen in India over the next eight years for this to happen? We must:

  • Pray in faith, expecting God to do the impossible.
  • Pray in obedience and worship.
  • Pray in the Spirit to defeat all spiritual forces in India that oppose the gospel.
  • Pray for God to grow His harvest force to reach every corner and people group of India.
  • Pray for open hearts to the gospel in all people groups and religious groups in India.
  • Pray for revival throughout all of India’s diverse church groups that will result in submission to Christ and united efforts to complete the Great Commission in India.
  • Pray for an end to India’s destructive caste system.
  • Pray for unprecedented opportunities to reach the younger generation with the Good News.
  • Pray for practical and far-reaching Christian responses to major social and economic issues.
  • Pray for removal of all threats to religious freedom.
  • Pray that God will mightily use India Gospel Outreach and hundreds of other Indian mission groups to sow and water the seed so the Lord will reap a bountiful harvest in every part of India’s complex society.

Children at the annual conventionWe are looking for men, women and children who will obey the Lord and pray for the full revelation of Christ’s kingdom in India.  We are looking for men, women and children who will pray, believing God’s promise, “Ask of me, and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance.” (Psalm 2:8)

We are looking for prayer warriors who will pray for eight years for India in worship of Christ, to defeat the enemy.  We are looking for those who are prepared to sacrifice lesser things, perhaps to be awakened from sleep, to fast, or do without some other thing that God calls you to do, for the sake of the people in India who are lost in the darkness of sin.

Above all, we are looking for people like you who will pray for eight years in love for the unsaved, and especially out of love for the God who first loved you.  We are looking for people who will pray out of a passionate desire for His glory to come over all the earth.

Will you be one of those people who will commit yourself to eight years of prayer in the 2020 Prayer Vision for India? 

Let us know of your commitment before the Lord by filling out the form below.  We want to know that you are depending upon Him to give you the faith, power and persistence to complete your commitment. 

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